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Through Our Eyes: Children Witness the Holocaust

Through Our Eyes: Children Witness the Holocaust

Itzhak Tatelbaum

"You must realize that we are still only children like children everywhere else. We may be more mature, because of Terezin, but we are children just the same." –Jiří Zappner (age 14), Terezin

Drawing on diary entries and survivor testimony, Through Our Eyes presents the Holocaust as experienced by adolescents. The collection explores the terrible dilemmas faced by some of the 1.5 million Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust, as well as those of some who survived. Through the candor of their words, the reader becomes familiar with their personalities and innermost feelings, as well as the appalling hardships they faced daily.

This new and revised edition of Through Our Eyes was researched and written by Itzhak Tatelbaum in collaboration with Yad Vashem's International School for Holocaust Studies, and published through the generosity of the Koschitzky family of Toronto, Canada.

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