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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
News from the International Seminars for Educators in the Jewish World Department (July, 2011)

The Jewish World Department was chosen to represent the International School for Holocaust Studies last April at the European Conference on Jewish Education that took place in Paris. Yad Vashem’s pedagogical perspective was presented there to the principals of different schools, as well as to teachers, guides and other educators from throughout Europe. The central subject of the discussions was “Jewish Identify After the Holocaust.”

During June, two seminars, one from Hungary and one from Holland, were successfully concluded. Teachers from different streams of the Jewish community in Holland arrived at Yad Vashem in order to undergo teacher’s training in Holocaust instruction. The participants began their training by meeting Daniel Rozenga during May at a pre-seminar.

Likewise, educators from Jewish schools in Hungary came to Yad Vashem for a seminar on Holocaust instruction. Yeshiah Balog, the head of the Hungarian desk of the Jewish World Department, who organized the seminar, met the participants in advance of the seminar for a day of preparation in Budapest, as well as an educational program for the schools that visit the Holocaust Museum in Budapest and a new educational exhibition based on Yad Vashem’s pedagogical perspective.

During July the Jewish World Department is expecting a group from the United States that will include teachers and educators from communities in Pittsburgh, San Diego and Miami. (The group from Miami is coming as part of a joint project with the Miami Holocaust Memorial). In addition, for the first time, the department will arrange, at the end of July, a seminar for teachers who have successfully finished the seminars in France during 2010.

For more information about upcoming seminars, you can visit the Jewish World Department website.

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