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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
News from the International Seminars for Educators in the Jewish World Department (April, 2011)

At the beginning of March, the International Seminars for Educators in the Jewish World Department successfully completed its winter seminars for 2010-2011. Though participants came from a variety of places and communities, they all came to Yad Vashem for the same reason, to learn about Holocaust education. From October to December 2010, the International School for Holocaust Studies hosted groups of educators from Argentina, Australia, France, and the United States, and among them were three representatives of the Holocaust Memorial Center in Macedonia who came to learn Yad Vashem’s educational philosophy prior to the opening of the new museum in Skopje. In addition, the Jewish World Department organized two unusual seminars: one for Paideia – The European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, and one for EUJS, the Jewish student union in Europe. The Jewish World Department also successfully ran three new types of seminars during the past two months: one for teachers from England, one for American elementary school teachers, and one for Chabad teachers in New York. In the coming months, the Jewish World Department will begin work on its summer seminars, in which we will hopefully be hosting Hungarian, Dutch, and American teachers.

For more information about upcoming seminars, you can visit the Jewish World Department website.

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