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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
(July, 2009)

International Seminars for the Jewish World International Seminars for the Jewish World

This has been an exciting year for the World Jewry Section. We have added many new programs that have enabled many more educators to participate in our workshops. This year we partnered up with institutions in the U.S.A., Austria, Chile and England to provide workshops for their educators. In addition, our International Summer Seminar for Jewish Educators (English) was overbooked so we will be traveling to the States to provide additional workshops.

This fall we have seminars with German Speaking Educators from Germany, Switzerland and Austria, a seminar with F.S.U. educators, a seminar with S. African Educators and in the winter a seminar for Educators from N. America. We are hoping in February to have the first annual two day workshop in New York for Jewish Educators on the East Coast During Presidents Day Weekend.

We are looking ahead to July 12th-22nd when we will host a 10-day seminar for Jewish educators, including a specialized track for educators with experience from July 12th –19th.

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