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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
(November, 2009)

International Graduates Seminar International Graduates Seminar

The Department for International Seminars for Educators is excited about its upcoming seminars this summer.

June 28- July 8: We will be hosting an international graduate seminar for thirty-one participants from seven different countries who have previously participated in our international seminars. See the tentative program for this intensive 10-day graduate seminar.

July 14-17: We will be hosting our annual seminar for American teachers on the Holocaust and Heroism. This program, originally organized and run by Ben and Valdka Meed, has since been passed onto Stephen Feinberg from the USHMM in DC. Approximately 40 American middle and high school teachers will spend five days in Poland and another seven days in Israel.

July 12- 22: We will be hosting our summer seminar for educators from South America. We have 32 teachers from 8 different countries throughout South America that will participate in this seminar.

July 19- August 6: We will be hosting our summer international seminar. We have 36 participants from 10 different countries that will be participating in this 19-day seminar.

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