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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
(January, 2007)

The European Department's autumn semester saw a renewal of seminars both at Yad Vashem and in Europe. The department’s members of staff represented Yad Vashem at seminars in Hungary, Poland, Germany (see photograph), and the Czech Republic where they presented educational units and led pedagogical discussions. At Yad Vashem, well-subscribed seminars were held, a number of which simultaneously, for educators from the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Hungary, and for German clergy. Positive feedback was received from the participants, many of whom commented that the seminar had more than met their expectations, while expressing their appreciation for having had such an opportunity to experience Yad Vashem and Israel in this manner.

The European Department is currently involved in developing educational units in a wide range of languages, many of which will ultimately be placed online. Nearing the end of development and due to go online in early 2007 is a pedagogical unit titled “Transport”, which focuses on the December 1941 transport of German Jews from Düsseldorf to Riga and looks into the roles of perpetrators and bystanders during the Holocaust.

In February we will hold the 2nd Annual International ICHEIC Forum at Yad Vashem. This Forum is held once a year for our European partners, with whom we work closely in the organization of our seminars both locally and internationally. This year the Forum will focus on the goals and resources in the creation of a network of educators within the framework of the ICHEIC Program for Holocaust Education. The Forum will give participants a platform in which to describe Holocaust educational activity in their own countries and express views stemming from personal experience on Holocaust education. Participants will also be updated as to the types of initiatives created by Yad Vashem graduates, following their participation at a Yad Vashem seminar.

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