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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Teaching the Legacy: e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators
(April, 2005)

The Scope of the International School for Holocaust Studies
Although the School has been organizing teacher-training seminars abroad since 1997, in 2004, 39 trips were coordinated in 22 different countries, predominantly throughout Europe. According to Richelle Budd Caplan, who is responsible for the International Relations division of the School, the programming in 2004 increased by almost 25% over that in 2003.

In January and February 2005 alone, School staff members have travelled to Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, and the USA to promote Holocaust education and remembrance. In the coming year, additional workshops will also be given in Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, UK, and in the USA.

If you are interested in organizing a teacher-training seminar with a Yad Vashem pedagogical expert in your region, please contact Richelle Budd Caplan at

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