Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem

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The ninth round in the Terezin league
A.Z.*-HaGibor Prague 4:2
Prague-Vienna 6:1
Jugendfirzorga- HaGibor Terezin 14:1
This competition took place on Wednesday and was more of a comedy than a game. J.F. [Jugendfirzorga] had a great advantage and all of their players except Brada and Meyer scored goals. Although Brada played aggressively, he did not score a goal, and Meyer missed a penalty kick. J.F. played well (it wasn't difficult). I won't speak about H.T. [HaGibor Terezin]

*The name of a Jewish sport organization in Czechslovakia that was very successful in different areas of sport and was on an Olympic level in swimming.
Bondy, They Called It Friend, (Heb.), p. 67

The two sports pages featured a description of the game between the cooks and the work center (7:1), the results of the tenth round in the Terezin League, after 10 games: In first place are the cooks, in second place the clothing warehouse workers - both teams with 9 victories each - in 11th place HaGibor Terezin, and in the last place Vienna.
Bondy, They Called It Friend, (Heb.), p. 72

On January 26 they declared a ping pong competition in our heim. The barrack was divided into a league and into Group A and Group B. The entire heim participated in this competition. The first round was decided through a lottery:

League Group A Group B
Han Pollack Klein-Pik Viner-Beihabi
Shulhof- Wasserman Y Gross-Feldman P Gross- Gruta
Bak-Mautner Freund-Kurtz T Gancz- Y Gancz
Levi- Shmurel
In the next edition, we will inform you of the results. Hurrah for sports!

Bondy, They Called It Friend, (Heb.), p. 115

Yad Vashem