Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem

Source B - The fun corner

The country which manufactures the most cars: Russia-USA-UK
Napoleon died in: alba-St. Helen- Medira
The St Martenik Island belongs to: UK-Portugal-France
Titian was:Author- Poet- Artist
Ontario is : Lake- City-Swamp
Bondy, They Called It Friend, (Heb.), p. 89

First part
1) List the names of 20 large cities that begin with the letters A or B.
2) List 10 rivers in North America.
3) List 10 famous people whose names begin with the letter M.
4) List 5 well-known operas and their composers.
5) List all the artists and sculptors that you know.

Hand in your answers to the editorial board by March 2nd. Answer honestly without using an atlas. The correct answers will be published in the next issue and will win a prize.
Zgabanina [editor Ivan Polak's nickname]
Yad Vashem