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Yad Vashem
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Bunkbeds in the Womens Quarters - Felix Bloch The World of Adults
Life in the Theresienstadt ghetto required the adults to adapt to enforced social frameworks, which they were not able to choose and which were not under their control. This situation placed their entire personal identity in doubt, since this is also made up of their life story and their connections with other people. In this activity we will meet groups of adults who are trying with all their might to maintain their earlier sets of relationships: mountain climbers, mothers and grandmothers who cook, Christians considered by the Germans to be Jewish, and so on.
And these are the questions that arise in this activity: does an extreme situation influence a person's image in the eyes of society and in his own eyes? To what extent does the external situation influence the person's self image?
Yad Vashem Among them there were many like us, who came from a bourgeois background, and who helped actively and we kept to ourselves. The realization that there were so few of our kind was horrendous. How difficult it was to become accustomed to the loss of concepts such as aesthetics, culture, and individualism. Yad Vashem
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Yad Vashem
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