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The International School for Holocaust Studies

International Youth Congress

Letters from the Participants

The two South African students found the Youth Congress to be a truly enriching and life-changing experience and my thanks again to you and your team for making it all possible.

Big hugs from South Africa

Sudeshan Reddy
National Information Officer
United Nations Information Centre
South Africa

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the International Youth Congress. By interacting with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures I learned the cornerstone of genocide prevention: tolerance.
The lessons I learned, the friends I made, and the stories I heard have all inspired me to further my work at the Holocaust Documentation and Education Center.
It would be no exaggeration to say that participating in the International Youth Congress was a life-changing event for me.
Once again, thank you for everything. This program means a lot to me and I love it with all my heart.


David Mazor
Miami, USA

I have to thank you because you gave me the possibility to enrich my historical, cultural and emotional background. This experience has been unique for me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for EVERYTHING for having been so nice and kind, for having taught us more about the Holocaust, for having made us see another face of the Earth, for having been so organized and qualified.
All the Best to you,

Silvia Missiroli

P.S. I'm writing an article about my experience, which will help me to carry the torch of memory... at least I hope it...

It was really wonderful getting to know you as well as your staff. They are very friendly and hospitable. Now I am enjoying telling people how nice and friendly Israelis are.

You have given me all the wonderful opportunities to learn, to feel, to experience, to share, to give, and to make friends.

I will derive my knowledge gained from the Congress to promote the better understanding of the Holocaust for Thais.

Thank you so much!
All the best to you,

Pawat Satayanurug

I am currently undergoing post trip depression and needless to say, coming back home was bittersweet for I had the best time of my life in Israel. The whole experience was so touching and fulfilling for me. I know that what I learnt during this trip is something that will remain with me throughout my life. I have fallen in love with Israel and I know that I will return to it one day.



I would just like to thank Yad Vashem for giving me this extraordinary opportunity. It was by far the best trip I have been in, very interesting, cultural, educational and emotionally provoking. When I arrived in Portugal, I felt really lost; I wished I were still there with everyone. The people I met are incredible and Israel is far beyond my expectations it is AMAZING, and I'm definitely returning.
Again many thanks,

Vivian Bernfeld

I really would like to thank you for the great possibility given to Orly Michaeli - from Guatemala - to participate in the International Youth Congress.
We think these kinds of Seminars are essential for the study and awareness of the Holocaust, understand our past and educate for the future.

I’d like to thank you so much because it was an incredible and enriching experience for Orly Michaeli and all our Community.

Kindly Regards,

Vivi Bursztyn
Jewish community

I have so many things to tell you but I really can't find the words.
So I guess I'll just say THANK YOU.
These past days were the most incredible ones in my whole life... I loved meeting people from all over the world. I took with me new tools to fight denial, and also took what I consider the most important, new friends. Everything was perfect, the organization, activities, and all the people that were behind the scenes. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Agustina Dighiero

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the
Congress. From a rational point of view, the logistics and the
organization were excellent. But in the didactic point of view, you
showed us the perfect combination of analyses with personal stories ...
it was a life-changing experience, and I really wanted to thank you
for that...

Alejandro Coriat

Really, it was a big honor to be in Israel. It was unforgettable days for me.
And it was my chance to have more idea about what happened in the Holocaust, let us hope that this congress will be carried out next year as well.
All my congratulations for you and all the others.
Best wishes,

Ouassim Rais

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