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The International School for Holocaust Studies

International Youth Congress

International Youth Congress 2009

The activities today will commence with a lecture and presentation by the Head of Pedagogy at the International School for Holocaust Studies, Mrs. Shulamit Imber. The topic of the lecture is one of the more emotional memoirs written on the Holocaust, titled: “Are the Trees in Bloom Over There?”
Upon conclusion of the lecture, an open discussion will take place, on the different issues raised during the lecture. On this note, you may download an outline of the lecture on the piece “Are the Trees in Bloom Over There?” and prepare for the presentation. Additionally, you will find a variety of relevant educational materials in multiple languages. We hope that these activities, along with the additional materials, will prove useful in continuing your work to promote the Holocaust throughout the world. 


For your convenience, you may download the lecture from the presentation.

Lesson Plan

An outline of the lesson on the topic “Are the Trees in Bloom Over There?”

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