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The International School for Holocaust Studies

1944 – Jews “On the Edge”

Interactive Map and Timeline

“Now I see that friendly gendarme has let Mariska come in. I can’t write anymore, dear diary, the tears run from my eyes, I’m hurrying over to Mariska…”
(The Diary of Eva Heyman, Yad Vashem: Jerusalem 1974, pp. 103- 105.)

With these words, young Eva Heyman’s diary is cut off. Eva was a 13-year-old girl from Nagyvarad, Hungary, who began writing her diary in 1944 and was deported to Auschwitz seven weeks later, where she was murdered.

Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day 5754 (2014) is marked by the situation of the Jews in 1944 – exactly 70 years ago. The expression "on the edge", taken from Nathan Alterman's poem Joy of the Poor, very aptly expresses the feeling which prevailed that year among the Jews of Europe, who were in the throes of a double race on which their very lives depended.

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