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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Lesson 1 - The Fast of Gedalia - Assignment

Online Course


Tishre 1 and 2: Rosh Hashana,
Tishre 3: Fast of Gedalia;
Tishre 10: Yom Kippur;
Tishre 15–22: Sukkot;
Tishre 23: Simhat Torah
Kislev 25–Tevet 2: Hanukka;
Tevet 10: Fast of the Tenth of Tevet;
Adar: Fast of Esther
Adar 13: Purim
Adar 14: Nisan 14–22: Pessah;
Nisan 27: Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Day;
Iyar 4: IDF soldiers Memorial Day;
Iyar 5: Israel Independence Day;
Sivan 6-7: Shavuot;
Tammuz 17: Fast of the Seventeenth of Tammuz;
Av 9: Fast of the Ninth of Av.

  • What is the difference between the dates that appear in different colors on your calendar?
  • Why might we remember a personal or collective event year after year?
  • Remember the past, live the present, believe in the future,” said Abba Kovner. Think about this quotation. What place does it assign to the past? How important is the past, according to Kovner?

The Fast of Gedalia is one of several days during which Jews commemorate the destruction of the Temple. We now explore how previous generations before the Holocaust used the Jewish calendar to create structure, mark time, and celebrate festivals. Later, we will examine how observance of the Jewish calendar changed during the Holocaust.

In order to download calender files (word format), please use the "Mofetnet" course website.