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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Ninth International Conference on Holocaust Education, July 7-10, 2014

Through Our Own Lens: Reflecting on the Holocaust from Generation to Generation

This program is subject to change and updates - check back regularly for new information!

Monday July 7, 2014

13:00-16:00 Optional Guided Tours:

  • Holocaust History Museum
  • Holocaust Art Museum
  • Exhibit: I Am My Brother's Keeper- Marking 50 Years of Honoring Righteous Among the Nations
  • The Reflection Center
  • The Visual Center

19:30-21:30 Opening Ceremony in the Valley of the Communities at Yad Vashem:
Rabbi Israel Meir Lau - “From Generation to Generation" (M’Dor Le’Dor) - “Passing on the Legacy”
Musical Performance by Yasmin Levy

Tuesday July 8, 2014

The First and Second Generation – Holocaust Documentation

8:45-9:30      Opening Remarks - The Safra Lecture Hall
Dr. Eyal Kaminka, Lily Safra Chair of Holocaust Education, Director, International School for Holocaust Studies

9:30-10:00     Topic: Passing the Legacy from Generation to Generation - The Educational Challenges
Avner Shalev, Chairman, Yad Vashem Directorate

10:00-10:30     Break

10:30-12:00     Topic: The 1st Generation: From Testimony to Collection (2 Keynote Speakers-each 40 minutes)
Prof. Yehuda Bauer
Serge Klarsfeld and Arno Klarsfeld

12:00-13:00     Lunch

13:00-14:30     Topic: "Documenting the Event – The Dialogue between the 1st and 2nd Generations" (4 pedagogical breakout sessions)

  • Klaus Donecke and Dr. Noa Mkayton - History and Memory – The German Police (ORPO) and the Holocaust
  • Justice Gavriel Bach, (Ret.) & Prof. Aviad Hacohen – The Eichmann Trial - the significance
  • Prof. David Halivni and Jeremy Stavisky - Theological Questions and the Holocaust
  • Avner Shalev and Dr. Yitzhak Arad and Dr. Rob Rozett - The Evolution of Yad Vashem over the Last Forty Years

14:30-15:00     Break

15:00-16:30     Topic: Using Primary Resources in Teaching the Holocaust

    Educational Workshops – 10 workshops simultaneously - 2 presenters in each workshop

16:30-17:00     Break

17:00-18:00     Concluding Session for Day One in the Safra Lecture Hall
The Film - “Weapons of the Spirit” with Prof. Patrick Henry

Wednesday July 9, 2014

The Second and Third Generation – Finding Significance in the Holocaust

8:45-12:00     Topic: “Documentation and Representations of the Holocaust”

9:00-10:00     The Film “Shoah” – a Discussion with Dr. Tobias Ebbrecht, Shulamit Imber and Irena Steinfeldt

10:00-10:30    Break

10:30-12:00    Presentations:
- Prof. Daniel Goldhagen The Perpetrators - "Hitler's Willing Executioners" (USA)
- Michel Kichka Second Generation – “Things I Never Told My Father” (Belgium- Israel)
- Alexandra Zapruder Diaries of Children - “Salvaged Pages” (USA)

12:00-13:00    Lunch Break

13:00-15:00    Topic: Organizational Approaches to Holocaust Education

  • USA - Facing History and Ourselves - Marc Skvirsky, Mary Johnson and Dimitry Anselme
  • Israel - Teaching the Holocaust in Israel - Shulamit Imber and Eliraz Kraus
  • USA - Echoes and Reflections- ADL/Shoah Foundation/Yad Vashem
  • England - Institute of Education (IOE) - Dr. Stuart Foster and Paul Salmons
  • Poland - Brama Grodzka in Lublin - Witold Dabrowski and 2 other team members
  • Austria - - Dr. Maria Ecker and Dr. Nadja Danglmaier

15:00-15:30    Break

15:30-17:30    Topic: The Reflection of Life through the Arts
5 sessions (both dramatic presentations and films) - each 1 hour presentation will be followed by a 1 hour educational discussion of that particular presentation. The conference participants will break up into 5 large groups.

  • Susie Sandager - drama-the story of Corie ten Boom
  • Susan Stein - drama- the story of Etti Hillesum
  • “The Green Dumpster Mystery” - Tal Haim Joffe - 2nd-3rd generation - Israel
  • “When day breaks” - Goran Paskaljevic – 1st 2nd generation - Serbia – Jewish identity
  • “2 or 3 Things I Know About Him” - Malte Ludin - (perpetrators 1st and 2nd generation Germans- Germany)

Thursday July 10, 2014

The Third and Fourth Generation – The Millennial Generation

9:00-10:15      Topic: "Changing and On-Going Challenges" - The Safra Lecture Hall
Keynote Speakers - To Be Announced

09:00-09:30    Topic: The X, Y and Z Generation, Where Do We Go from Here?
Dr. Eyal Kaminka, Lily Safra Chair of Holocaust Education, Director, ISHS, Yad Vashem

9:30-10:15    Technology, Ethics and the Holocaust
Prof. Yossi Matias, Managing Director of Google RD, Israel

10:30-11:45    Breakout session – Roundtable discussion on the boundaries between Technology, Ethics, and the Holocaust

11:45-13:00    Lunch

13:00-14:30    Educational Workshops – 10 workshops presented simultaneously - 2 presenters in each workshop - a total of 20 presentations

14:30-15:00    Break

15:00-16:00    The Future of Holocaust Education - The Voices of the 4th Generation
5 students (18-25 years old) from different countries that are involved in Holocaust education- they will explain their motivation for this interest

16:00-16:30    Artistic Performance by the 4th Generation

16:30-16:45    Break

16:45-17:45    Conclusion - Closing Session in Memory of Izzy and Babs Asper
Keynote presentation: Abe Foxman, National Director of the ADL

This conference is supported through the generosity of:
With the generous support of: The Asper Foundation             With the generous support of: The Adelson Family Foundation             With the generous support of: The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany