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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Sixth International Conference 2008

Videos - Day 3

MK Rabbi Michael Melchior MK Rabbi Michael Melchior
Chairman, Education, Culture, and Sports Committee
[14:51 min]
Professor Hanna Yablonka Professor Hanna Yablonka
Historian, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel:
After the Shoah- Choosing to Go Forward
[22:39 min]

Samuel Bak Samuel Bak
Artist, USA :
Icons of Loss- The Image of the Warsaw Boy in the Art of Samuel Bak
[24:01 min]
Major General Ido Nechushtan Major General Ido Nechushtan
Commander of the Air Force, Israel Defense Forces, Israel:
Witnesses in Uniform - Confronting the Past - IDF Trips to Poland
[18:12 min]
Dudu Fishers Mr. Avner Shalev
Chairman, Yad Vashem Directorate, Israel:
Perpetuating the Legacy of the Survivors for Future Generations: The Challenges for Yad Vashem
[20:49 min]

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