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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Sixth International Conference 2008

Videos - Day 1

Professor Omer Bartov Professor Omer Bartov
John P. Birkelund, Distinguished Professor of European History and Professor of History and German Studies, Brown University, USA:
Antisemitism, the Holocaust, and Reinterpretations of National Socialism   [22:51 min]
Professor Susan Benedict Professor Susan Benedict
Medical University of South Carolina, USA:
From Caring to Killing: Nurses and Physicians in the Third Reich
[21:29 min]

Professor Wolfgang Wippermann Professor Wolfgang Wippermann
Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany:
Extermination by Education: Antisemitism and Racism in German Textbooks 1919-1945
[16:04 min]
Professor Yuli Tamir Professor Dina Porat
University of Tel Aviv:
The 1930’s and the 2000’s - the Relevance of Historical Comparisons
[23:36 min]
Dudu Fishers Professor David Bankier
Director, International Research Institute, Yad Vashem:
Dialectics of Holocaust Uniqueness and its Negation
[21:18 min]

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With the generous support of: The Asper Foundation With the generous support of: The Adelson Family Foundation

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