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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Fifth International Conference 2006

Workshop Abstracts

Presenter Workshop
Balberg, Ephrat Educational Guidelines when Visiting Holocaust Memorial Sites
Boyd, Zahara and Brantz, Rennie Teaching the Holocaust in the Rural South: Challenges, Successes, Surprises
Darmanin, Margaret and Mootz, Denis Archaeology, the classroom and the Holocaust: Telling Human Stories
Distel, Barbara The Dachau Concentration Camp after Liberation
Franzblau, Michael Nazi Doctors! Why Did They Do It?
Testimony by Ester Golan (Ursula Dobkowsky) "The connecting Path": The story of a Jewish Family
Hampel, Sue March of the Living- Interaction and Dialogue between Austalian Jewish Students and Polish Youth
Kerem, Yitzchak “Greek Righteous Gentiles in the Holocaust, A Renewed Look and Their Current State of Being Recognized"
Kersell, Nancy D. Uncovering the Hidden Child’s Secret World Teaching One Survivor's Story Using Film and Primary Sources
Koch, Peter Visiting the Camps Memorials
Kopcanova, Dagmar Some Psychological Aspects of Education when Dealing with Highly Emotional Topics
Krasnostein, Natalie Somewhere Inside of Us: Third Generation Holocaust Descendants
Leibowitz Schmidt, Shira Survival Through the Eyes of a Child: Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Youth Before, During, and After the Camps
Marton, Pier "The Re-presentation of the Body of Knowledge: Successful Holocaust Films and Their Doubles"
Menashe, Yocheved The Uniqueness of the Shoah in the Context of Genocide Lessons in Justice - Yesterday and Today
Napolitano, Dan The Committee On Conscience At The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Rwanda And Darfur
Naveh, Sippy The Holocaust and Other Genocides in the 20th Century: Social Processes and Mechanisms that Lead to Mass Killings
Novak, Dani Applications of principles of Logotherapy to teaching
O’Callaghan, E. Joan The Newspaper, the Holocaust, and the Continuing Scourge of Hatred
Orr, Leonard Post-Memory and Postmodern: The Value of Teaching Experimental Holocaust Fiction
Reicher, Harry Teaching the Legal Dimension to the Holocaust: Use of Archival Footage, Documentaries and Movies
Reshef, Peleg Holocaust education in dialogue: Reflecting on the "Shared Memories - Collective Action" Initiative
Roos Shalem, Esther Teaching The Next Generation Through Story
Rosenthal, Gail Hirsch Using Historical Sites as Classrooms
Rosenthal, Gail Hirsch Individual Stories – Unique Lessons
Savage, Michael Reactions To Genocide
Setbon, Jessica “Who Beat My Father?" Issues of Terminology and Translation in Teaching the Holocaust
Shner, Tali and Ruth “On the Road Stands a Tree" – the Revolving of a Song: An Educational Activity of Students Based on Songs Written Before and During the Holocaust
Simhoni, Orit Teaching The Holocaust To Health Care Providers: A Creative Approach - Interactive Workshop Outline
Stelmach, Irina Workshop “Ten Commandments“ – telecasts on Holocaust theme, made in Estonia and Lithuania – New Approaches in Teaching Holocaust
Tal, Tzippi The International Book-Sharing Project : The Holocaust as a Personal and Cultural Crisis Point for Faith
Van Haperen, Maria What Strategy to Use in Order to Get the Topic Fixed in the (collective memory and) Educational System
Vopat, Carole Gottlieb “One Hour for the Holocaust, Ladies and Gentlemen”
Weir, Carol Maus Jumps Off the Page
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