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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Fifth International Conference 2006

Fifth International Conference 2006

The Fifth International Conference on “Teaching the Holocaust to Future Generations” will be held at Yad Vashem from 26-29 June 2006. Educators from around the world will gather to hear some of the outstanding speakers and educators in the field of Holocaust education, including Professor Lawrence Langer, Professor Irwin Cotler, Dr. Steven Feinstein, Professor Yehuda Bauer, Professor Colin Tatz, Prof. Rita Süssmuth and Lt.-Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire. The conference will provide educators with an enriching and productive dialogue on the central dilemmas and complex issues involved in teaching about the Holocaust. It will also explore new areas of research in the sphere of Holocaust education and the extensive variety of teaching materials, curricula, films, and Internet sites in Holocaust education; present contemporary manifestations of antisemitism and Holocaust denial and the means for coping with such phenomena in the classroom; and introduce new directions in Holocaust education into other disciplines such as literature, art and theater. Afternoon workshops will allow participants to present their research and classroom work in 45-minute sessions designed to promote an ongoing dialogue among the experts in the field.

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