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The International School for Holocaust Studies

Fourth International Conference 2004

“Teaching the Holocaust to Future Generations”

This four-day conference included lectures in plenary sessions, discussion groups and workshops that explored new and varied approaches to Holocaust education in the 21st century. The conference focused on Holocaust education in different parts of the world, interdisciplinary approaches to teaching the Holocaust, and modern and current antisemitism. Experts on the Holocaust and education from leading institutions around the world presented lectures and lead discussion groups. Over 220 participants attended, from 31 countries - including China, Turkey, Croatia, Sweden, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Germany and the United States.

Workshop Abstracts

Presenter Workshop
John K. Roth Handle with Care: Some Ethical Implications of Interdisciplinary Holocaust Education
Dr Joël Kotek Teaching the Shoah in Jewish Education
Shulamit Imber Topic: The Role of the Shoah in Jewish Education - The Challenge in the 21st Century
Aviezer Ravitisky What are the Moral and Ethical Implications in Interdisciplinary Holocaust Education?
Yehuda Bauer Contemporary Antisemitism, Israel and the Holocaust
Per Ahlmark Anti-Semitism, Anti-Americanism, Anti-Zionism: Is There a Connection?
Irving Greenberg The Role of the Shoah in Jewish Education: The Challenge of the 21st Century
Vikki Knickerbocker & Janet McPhee Why do you Teach the Holocaust. Interdisciplinary approaches
Rev. Barbara Allen Betrayal or portrayal of memory?
William Cahn Teaching Holocaust through survivor testimony especially the problems when there are no survivors left.
Stelmach, Irina A Documentary Film on the Holocaust in Estonia
Vajda, Eva Public Reaction in Hungary to the Opening of the Budapest Holocaust Memorial Center
Zimmerman, Miriam Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching the Holocaust at a Catholic University
Zimmerman, Rebecca Interfaith Understanding and the Holocaust
George Cassutto Holocaust education in schools. Cross-cultural understanding through the use of the web.
Anita Parmar Using technology in teaching the Holocaust in UK. HET and the internet in UK
Ron Hollander Teaching the Holocaust using period press: A multi media, interactive student approach. Use of newspapers.
Theodore Lauer The Internet: A Boon to Holocaust Education? The use of Internet and Holocaust.
Margie Potash The Holocaust An On-line Course. Teaching the Holocaust on-line using different subjects and means.
Slier, Paula The Media, Israel & the Holocaust
Stanger, Gail Herring, Littel, Marcia Sachs, Chernoski, Steven Images of Antisemitisim from Nazi Era Films to The Passion of The Christ
Gail Berlin Using Holocaust art to teach Holocaust poetry. Difficulties of teaching poetry with art.
Laura Bialis & Kathleen McSharry Using filmed survivor testimony to achieve interdisciplinary learning outcomes. Using film “Thanks for all”
Larry Blades Active Learning Exercises for Teaching the Holocaust to a Non-Jewish two-year College Population.
Dan Cristal Physicians in the Nazi Period – The Moral and Ethical Lessons Learned from the Behaviour of the Nazi and Jewish Physicians during the Nazi Period.
Terri Fine Art and Holocaust teaching, people reactions to it.
Hedi Fried Life Under Continuous Stress. A survivor’s story of the road to Auschwitz and her survival.
Zepporah Glass Teaching about the Jewish Partisans using Video and the Internet. History of the Partisans and Jewish Resistance with interactive internet participation.
Sara Halevi Psychodrama as a tool for teaching the Holocaust.
Malli Holoshitz Using the Personal Story: Teaching the Holocaust to High School Students.
Shmuel Thomas Huppert In the Sealed Cattle Wagon. Poetry and survivor testimony
Kay Andrews One Day Visits to Auschwitz for Non-Jewish Teachers from the UK
Wendy Muscat-Tyler Teaching the Holocaust in the absence of witnesses. Using novels and memoirs, films and photographs.
Anita Parmar Using technology in teaching the Holocaust in UK. HET and the internet in UK
Stephen Chernoski, Marcia Littell & Gail Herring Stanger Auschwitz Memories. Following the story of one person/survivor.
Tzippi Shimron & Tzippi Tal The International Book-Sharing Project. Internet learning between Israeli students and American students.
Anna Tapola & Barbaro Gustafsson Ideology behind racial genetics, unethical uses and risks in today’s and future society.
Gunther Volk Teaching the Holocaust Through Anglo-Jewish Literature. Through the use of film and drama and discussions on dilemmas.
Chana Arnon Jews Rescuing Jews During the Holocaust
Benjamin H Cassutto Dutch Christians in the Netherlands & their Effects on Jewish Identity
Dittel, Szilvia & Pesci Tibor Exploring Scenes of the Holocaust with students
Ellison, Jeffrrey A Case Study of Holocaust Education in Illinois
Eve, Tal How Much Should We Tell the Children about the Holocaust
Friedmann, Luciana Teaching Holocaust in Romania
Gans, Michael Moshe Creating Study Tours to the Baltic Countries & Israel
Gerstenfeld, Manfred An Effective Way to Present Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Inversion
Golan, Ester Preserving Memory for Generations to Come
Golub, Alison Trauma & Resilience in Holocaust Survivors
Gunther, Meike The Category Gender & its Relevance in Concepts of Historical Education Regarding Auschwitz & Nazism in Germany
Herskovitz, Marty Poetry & the Second Generation
Kasher, Breindel Lieba Pushing the Limits of Documentary Film
Korbamn, Bernard The Survivor's Voice Educational Project, the Story of Abram Goldberg
Nates, Tali The Holocaust Through the Eyes of the Second Generation
Naveh, Sippy An Attempt to Examine the Social & Phsychological Mechanisms that Instill Hatred & Aggressions on the Ordinary Person
Ostrower, Chaya Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust
Perlmutter, Tova Reflections of the Shoah Story in the Israeli Educational System
Pinner, Michael Holocaust Education in the Southern Highlands of Appalachia
Pirrello, Kathy The Shoah Project Creating a Book & Video which Includes History, Literature, Music, Drama and Art
Querl, Stephan Memorials of Concentration Camps and a Scene of Crime Desk in the Midst of Germany
Racinskas, Ronaldas Holocaust Education as an Instrument of Building Civil Society in 21st Century Lithuania
Raz, Rachel Teaching the Holocaust - A Suitcase Full of Dynamic & Interactive Ideas for Unforgettable Lessons
Rosenblum, Itzhak Israeli Youth from Ramat Hanegev Meets Polish Youth in Plonsk
Shantall, Teria The Defiant Power of the Human Spirit
Shner, Tali An Educational Activity in the Footsteps of Janusz Korczak for Parents & Children
Silbert, Marlene A Holocaust Workshop Conducted for Members of the South African Police Service
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