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The Visual Center

New in the Digital Film Collection

Films by Yael Perlov and Ruth Walk Recently Deposited in the Visual Center's Digital Film Library

Three Holocaust-related documentaries by noted Israeli filmmakers Ruth Walk and Yael Perlov were recently deposited in the Visual Center's Film Collection. The films are the result of an ongoing collaboration between Perlov and Walk.  The Balcony (2000) recounts the eventful life story of Israel Becker, the venerated Israeli actor, screenwriter and director. Becker, the sole survivor of a large family that perished in the Holocaust, later became a major fixture at Habima, the Israeli National Theater. The Garden that Floated Away (2004) is an intimate portrait of Holocaust survivor Ida Fink, taking its title from one of her short stories. Fink’s subtle fiction has achieved worldwide acclaim. The Birthday Party (2007) introduces us to twenty-five Holocaust survivors from Kovno, incarcerated together in Auschwitz as children. They meet each year for a group “birthday” celebration.

Perlov’s editing credits included Claude Lanzmann’s monumental Shoah (1985, assitant editor), David Perlov’s iconic Yoman (1983), by one of the fathers of Israeli documentary filmmaking, the award-winning feature Late Marriage (2001), and several films for the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem. Walk, a cinematographer and director, garnered the 2007 Mifal Hapais Landau Award for Documentary Filmmaking.

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