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Yad Vashem Studies

Yad Vashem Studies 39:1 Yad Vashem Studies 39:1
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Yad Vashem Studies, Vol. 39:1

Dr. David Silberklang

The articles and reviews in this issue examine core subjects such as perpetrators and their motivations; Jewish dilemmas and responses; varied attempts, sometimes desperate, to rescue European Jews; reactions of the Western world and the Jews’ non-Jewish countrymen to the persecution and murder, and more.

The authors and their topics:

Insa Meinen, on the work of Maxime Steinberg, who pioneered the study of the Holocaust in Belgium and to whose memory this issue is dedicated.

Ingo Loose, Christoph Kreutzmüller, and Benno Nitzel on Jewish strategies for economic survival in Germany.

Artur Szyndler on the attempt by Oświęcim Judenrat head Leon Schönker to arrange Jewish emigration from the Katowice district in the first months of the German occupation.

Avihu Ronen, Hadas Agmon, and Asaf Danziger on the development of Israeli and survivor attitudes to Jewish officials under the Nazis during the Holocaust, through the prism of the 1963-1964 war crimes trials of Hirsch Barenblat.

Kobi Kabalek on the development of the concept of honoring the “Righteous Among the Nations” in Israel.

Ulrich Frisse on the reporting in the Toronto Daily Star during the Nazi period.

Hava Eshkoli Wagman on attempts to organize Jewish refugee settlement in Alaska.

The review articles are by Pim Griffioen, Christopher Browning, Jan Tomasz Gross, and Yehuda Bauer.



Insa Meinen (Abstract)
Maxime Steinberg — Brussels, 1936−2010

Christoph Kreutzmüller, Ingo Loose, Benno Nietzel (Abstract)
Nazi Persecution and Strategies for Survival: Jewish Businesses in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, and Breslau, 1933–1942

Artur Szyndler (Abstract)
“It is high time that the emigration problem will be solved finally”: Leon Schönker and his Plan for Jewish Emigration from the Katowice District

Avihu Ronen, Hadas Agmon, Asaf Danziger (Abstract)
Collaborator or Would-Be Rescuer?: The Barenblat Trial and the Image of a Judenrat Member in 1960s Israel

Kobi Kabalek (Abstract)
The Commemoration before the Commemoration: Yad Vashem and the Righteous Among the Nations, 1945–1963

Ulrich Frisse (Abstract)
The “Bystanders’ Perspective”: The Toronto Daily Star and Its Coverage of the Persecution of the Jews and the Holocaust in Canada, 1933–1945

Hava Eshkoli Wagman (Abstract)
The Alaska Plan: Jewish Initiatives to Rescue Refugees from Nazi Germany


Pim Griffioen (Abstract)
The Shoah in Belgium: Insa Meinen, Die Shoah in Belgien

Christopher R. Browning (Abstract)
The German Foreign Office –  Myth and Reality: Eckart Conze, Norbert Frei, Peter Hayes, and Moshe Zimmermann, Das Amt und die Vergangenheit: Deutsche Diplomaten im Dritten Reich und in der Bundesrepublik

Jan T. Gross (Abstract)
Jewish Lives (and Deaths) during the Warsaw Uprising: Barbara Engelking and Dariusz Libionka, Żydzi w powstańczej Warszawie

Yehuda Bauer (Abstract)
Lemkin, Genocide, Holocaust: Agnieszka Bieńczyk-Missala and Sławomir Dębski, eds., Rafał Lemkin: A Hero of Humankind

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