Arkadi Zeltser

A New Life for Old Documents
Joshua Rubinstein and Ilya Altman, eds., The Unknown Black Book: The Holocaust in the German Occupied Soviet Territories

The anthology of documents in English, The Unknown Black Book, published in 2008 and edited by Joshua Rubinstein and Ilya Altman, is an attempt to update and expand study of the Holocaust in the territories of the USSR on the basis of the documents collected during World War II by the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee.The anthology includes documents that for various reasons were not included in The Black Book edited by Vasily Grosmann and Ilya Ehrenburg.The articles by Altman, Yitzhak Arad and Rubinstein published in the introduction to this anthology are devoted to the Soviet Jewish policy and the reaction of the Soviet Union’s Jewish intelligentsia to these new challenges, to the uniqueness of the Holocaust in the Soviet Union, to the preparation of The Black Book for publication, and to the trials conducted in the Allied countries against the Nazi criminals. In this anthology the English reader has access to documents that were first published in Russian in 1993.