Kiril Feferman

Binding the Unbound: The Shoah in the Soviet Union According to Ilya Altman:

Il’ja Altmann, Opfer des Hasses: Der Holocaust in der UdSSR 1941-1945

This article reviews Ilya Altman’s book Opfer des Hasses: Der Holocaust in der UdSSR 1941–1945 published in 2009, which is the German version of his original Russian book that appeared in 2002. The review article argues that the German edition of this book should have been adapted to a German readership, whose needs and interest are different from those of the Russian audience for which Altman’s Russian book had originally been written. Weighing this book against a host of contemporary scholarship on the Holocaust in the occupied Soviet Union, the review highlights the book’s synthetic and innovative approach, as well as of its panoramic and multidimensional account.