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Search and Research – Lectures and Papers

Search and Research, 17 Search and Research, 17

The Search and Research series was established in order to publish lectures, papers, research reports, and symposia of special interest as well as fresh and original approaches resulting from research carried out by scholars within the framework of the International Institute for Holocaust Research.  Through the publication of these research results in an easily accessible form, the Institute hopes to acquaint the public at large with the constant progress that is being made in the various aspects of Shoah studies.  

Search and Research 2011 Volume 17

“…A Justification in the World and Israel?  Holocaust Discourses in German TV:  The Case of West Germany, with an Afterward or East Germany”
Sabine Horn

Search and Research 2010 Volume 16

“Health in Temporary Conditions:  Health Care Services for Holocaust Survivors in Austalia, 1945-1953”
Ada Schein

Search and Research 2009 Volume 15

“Laying the Foundations for Holocaust Research The Impact of Philip Friedman”
Roni Stauber

Search and Research 2008 Volume 14

“Jewish Children in Nazi-Occupied Poland, Early Postwar Recollections of Survival and Polish-Jewish Relations During the Holocaust”
Joanna Beata Michlic

Search and Research 2008 Volume 13

“Rescue for Money: Paid Helpers in Poland, 1939-1945”
Jan Grabowski

Search and Research 2008 Volume 12

“Righteous Among the Nations in France and Belgium
A Silent Resistance”
Jeannine (Levana) Frenk

Search and Research 2008 Volume 11

“The Jewish Ghettos During the Shoah: How and Why Did They Emerge?”
Dan Michman

Search and Research 2007 Volume 10

“’And I burned with shame’: The Testimony of Ona Šimatiė, Righteous Among the Nations. A Letter to Isaac Nachman Steinberg”
Julija Šukys

Search and Research 2006 Volume 9

“The Shaping of the Holocaust Visual Image by the Nuremberg Trials:  The Impact of the Movie Nazi Concentration Camps”
Yvonne Kozlovsky-Golan

Search and Research 2006 Volume 8

“Persecution, Indifference and Amnesia:  The Restoration of Jewish Rights in Postwar Italy”
Ilaria Pavan

Search and Research 2006 Volume 7

“Aspects of Jewish Welfare in Nazi Germany”
Guy Miron, Jacob Borut, Rivka Elkin

Search and Research 2004 Volume 6

“Reassessment of the Image of Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski”
Michal Unger

Search and Research 2004 Volume 5

“Holocaust Diaries as ‘Life Stories’”
Amos Goldberg

Search and Research 2003 Volume 4

“The Invention of ‘Functionalism’ Josef Wulf, Martin Broszat, and the Institute for Contemporary History (Munich) in the 1960s”
Nicholas Berg

Search and Research 2002 Volume 3

“Generation of the Unbound: The Leadership Corps of the Reich Security Main Office”
Michael Wildt

Search and Research 2002 Volume 2

“Two Perceptions of the Eichmann Trial”
Anita Shapira

Search and Research 2001 Volume 1

“Parenthood and the Holocaust”
Dan Bar-On and Julia Chaitin 2001 Hannah Arendt and Haim Gouri

If you would like to submit an article for publication in Search and Research, please contact the office of the International Institute for Holocaust Research:

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