Telšiai county

Luokė, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 55.52951 22.33060 Forest near Pašatrija manor In mid-July about 200 Jewish men from Luokė were shot in in the forest near Pašatrija manor by members of the Lithuanian Activist Front from Telšiai.
Purvaičiai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania Forest near Purvaičiai village A number of Jews ( according to some sources consisting of 16 men, women, and children) was murdered in the summer-fall of 1941.
Telšiai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania link Geruliai
Geruliai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 55.58416 22.24560 Geruliai Forest 2nd quadrant According to some sources around July 15, 1941 over 100 young Jewish men from Telšiai were shot to death in the Garuliai forest.
Alsėdžiai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 56.1291 22.2907 Hill foot near the cemetery On December 24, 1941 27 Jewish women and a Jewish boy of Alsėdžiai and Luokewere murdered at the hill foot near the cemetery.
Plungė, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania link Kaušėnai
Plungė, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania link Milašaičiai
Plungė, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania Plungė municicpal cemetery On July 17-18, 1941 40 Jews from Plungė were murdered near the local municipal cemetry.
Telšiai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania link Rainiai
Rietavas, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 55.43673 21.55703 Rietavas park In late June 1941 2 Jews of Rietavas, a rabbi and a shochet, were publicly humilated and later buried alive in the Rietavas park by local members of the Lithuanian Activist Front.
Šateikai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 56.1358 21.39385 Šateikai Forest Around July 20, 1941 over 60 Jewish women and children from Salantai were brought to the Šateikai Forest where they were shot to death by the police chief of Salantai - Baltuonis; members of the Lithuanian Activist Front from Salantai led by Skridala and from; Šateikai. In late August 1941 35 young Jewish women and girls from Salantai were shot in the same forest.
Tverai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 55. 42965 22.9416 Sungailiai village In yhe summer and fall of 1941 a group of Jews of Tverai was murdered in the vicinity of Sungailiai village. According to other sources in mid-July 1941 the Jews were taken to Viešvėnai, where they were murdered together with Jews from other places.
Viešvėnai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 55.56390 22.20375 Viešvėnai Around July 17 - 18, 1941 200 -250 Jewish men from Nevarėnai, Varniai, Rietavas, Žarėnai, and other towns in the Telšiai District were shot to death near Viešvėnai village.
Tryškiai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 56.3251 22.34289 Virvitė stream Around July 20, 1941 70-80 Jewish men from the Tryškiai ghetto were shot, in pits dug near the Virvitė stream, by policemen and members of the Lithuanian Activist Front from Tryškiai, headed by the police chief of Tryškiai District - Girvadainis, and by Germans.
Plungė, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 55.54251 21.52069 Woods near Plungė On July 23, 1941 22 Jews from Plungė and the surrounding area were murdered in the woods near Plungė.
Žarėnai, Telšiai County, <>, Lithuania 55.50227 22.11898 Žarėnai township On December 23, 1941 16 Jews from Žarėnai were shot by members of the Lithuanian Activists Front from Žarėnai and by Žarėnai rural district policemen headed by Paulauskas.