Rokiškis county

Rokiškis, Rokiškis County, <>, Lithuania link Antanase Forest
Rokiškis, Rokiškis County, <>, Lithuania link Velniaduobė Woods
Svėdasai, Rokiškis County, <>, Lithuania 55.4109 25.20922 Bajorai village 245 - 386 people, mostly Jews from Svėdasai, were murdered near Bajorai village.
Obeliai, Rokiškis County, <>, Lithuania 55.55392 25.5040 Designė forest Around August 25, 1941 1,160 Jews from Obeliai, Kamajai, Pandėlys, and Rokiškis -- men, women and children -- were murdered in the Designė Forest by members of the Gestapo, the Rokiškis Guard Unit, Obeliai municipal and railway station auxiliary police, members of the Lithuanian Activist Front from Aleksandravėlė; and Kriaunos auxiliary police
Vyžuona, Rokiškis County, <>, Lithuania 55.37542 25.24364 Pits near Vyžuona Lake On 27, July 1941, 385 Jews from different places in Rokiskis County were taken to the forest near Vyzuona village and shot in pits near Vyžuona Lake. According to some sources Jews from Vyžuona were also shot there.
Rokiškis, Rokiškis County, <>, Lithuania 56.0217 25.33648 Steponys Forest Around July 8, 1941 103 young Jewish man from Rokiškis from 14-30 were shot to death in the Steponys Forest. From June 27 to August 14, 1941 there were apparently other murder operations at the same site. The total number of the Jewish victims from Rokiškis is probably 493.