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Professor Israel Gutman

Professor Israel Gutman Professor Israel Gutman

Professor Gutman (z"l) was Academic Advisor to Yad Vashem and Deputy Chairman of the International Auschwitz Council.  Born in Warsaw in 1923, he belonged to the Jewish underground in the Warsaw Ghetto and the Jewish Fighting Organization (ŻOB) during the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.  From 5 May 1943 until 5 May 1945, he was a prisoner in Majdanek, Auschwitz, and Mathausen concentration camps. 

From 1945 – 1971, he was an active member of the She’erit Hapletah, and was one of the founders of the Aviv Kibbutz in Italy.  He moved to Mandate Palestine following the war and was a member of Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan.  He was one of the founders of the Anielewicz Remembrance Center, Moreshet. Gutman testified at the Eichman trial in Jerusalem.  Upon receiving his MA and PhD degrees from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he later held the Max and Rita Haber Chair in Modern Jewish History. 

His numerous publications include: The Jews of Poland Between Two World Wars; Unequal Victims:  Poles and Jews During World War Two; The Jews of Warsaw, 1939-1943; Resistance:  The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising:  Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp; and Nazi Europe and the Final Solution.  He received the Salonika Prize for Literature, the Yitzhak Sadeh Prize for Military Studies, and the Polish Unification Prize. Gutman received honorary doctorates from Warsaw University in 1995 and from Brandeis University in 2009.

List of Publications of Professor Gutman

  • Gutman, Israel, Adam Czerniakow: The man and his diary, [Jerusalem]: [Yad Vashem],[1976]
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Anatomy of the Auschwitz death camp, Bloomington: Indiana University Press,1994
  • Gutman, Israel, Antisemitism and the Holocaust, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1996
  • Gutman, Israel ed., The catastrophe of European Jewry: Antecedents, history reflections, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1976
  • Gutman, Israel, Denying the Holocaust, Jerusalem: Shazar Library,1985
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1990
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Enzyklopaedie des Holocaust: Die Verfolgung und Ermordung dereuropaeischen Juden, Berlin: Argon,1993
  • Gutman, Israel, Fighters among the ruins: The story of Jewish heroism during, World War II, Washington, D,C,: B'nai B'rith Books,1988
  • Gutman, Israel, The genesis of the resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto, [Jerusalem: Yad Vashem],[1973]
  • Gutman, Israel, Goldhagen - his critics and his contribution, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1998
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Yad Vashem, Conference, 5th, 1983, The historiography of the Holocaust period: Proceedings of the, Fifth Yad Vashem International Historical Conference, Jerusalem, March 1983, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1988
  • Gutman, Israel, The Holocaust and its significance, Jerusalem: The Zalman Shazar Center,1984
  • Gutman, Israel, The Holocaust and Resistance: An outline of Jewish history in,Nazi occupied Europe <1933-1945>, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1973
  • Gutman, Israel, Jews in General Anders' Army in the Soviet Union, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1977
  • Gutman, Israel ed., The Jews of Poland between two world wars, Hannover: University Press of New England,1989
  • Gutman, Israel, The Jews of Warsaw, 1939-1943: Ghetto underground revolt, Bloomington: Indiana University Press,1982
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Major changes within the Jewish people in the wake of the Holocaust: Proceedings of the Ninth Yad Vashem international historical conference, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1996
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Yad Vashem, Conference, 4th, 1980The Nazi concentration camps: Structure and aim - The image of the prisoner - The Jews in the camps, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem 1984
  • Gutman, Israel, Nolte and Revisionism, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1988
  • Gutman, Israel, On the character of Nazi Antisemitism, Oxford: Pergamon Press1986
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Yad Vashem, Conference, 3rd, 1977Patterns of Jewish leadership in Nazi Europe, 1933-1945:Proceeding of the Third Yad Vashem International Historical Conference, Jerusalem, April 1-7, 1977, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1979
  • Gutman, Israel, A report of a member of the Polish underground on Polish-Jewish, relations in occupied Poland, Tel-Aviv: Tel-Aviv University, 1980
  • Gutman, Israel, Resistance: The Warsaw Ghetto uprising, Boston: Houghton Mifflin,1994
  • Gutman, Israel ed., Yad Vashem, Conference, 6th, 1985She'erit hapletah, 1944-1948: Rehabilitation and political struggle, Procceding of the sixth Yad Vashem International historical conference, Jerusalem, October 1985, Jerusalem: YadVashem,1990
  • Gutman, Israel, She'erit Hapletah - the problems, some elucidation, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem],1990
  • Gutman, Israel, Social stratification in the concentration camps, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1984
  • Gutman, Israel, Storia del Ghetto di Varsavia, Firenze: Giuntina,1996
  • Gutman, Israel, Unequal victims: Poles and Jews during World War Two, New York: Holocaust Library,1986
  • Gutman, Israel, The war against the Jews 1939-1945", Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 1976
  • Gutman, Israel, Youth movements in the underground and the ghetto revolts, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1971
  • Gutman, Israel, Zydzi warszawscy 1939-1943: Getto - Podziemie - Walka, Warszawa: Rytm,1993
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