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Professor Yehuda Bauer

Professor Yehuda Bauer Professor Yehuda Bauer speaking at the international conference, The Holocaust, The Survivors, and the State of Israel, 8-11 December 2008

Professor Yehuda Bauer is Professor Emeritus of History and Holocaust Studies at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Academic Advisor to Yad Vashem.  Bauer is fluent in Czech, Slovak, German, Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, and Polish.  He was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1926.  His family migrated to Israel in 1939.  After completing high school in Haifa, he attended Cardiff University in Wales on a British scholarship. 

Upon returning to Israel, he joined Kibbutz Shoval and began his graduated studies at Hebrew University.  He received his PhD in 1960 for a thesis on the British Mandate of Palestine.  The following year, he began teaching at the Institute for Contemporary Jewry at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He was the founding editor of the Journal of Holocaust and Genocide Studies.  Bauer has written numerous articles and books on the Holocaust and on Genocide.    In 1998, he was awarded the Israel Prize, the highest civilian award in Israel and in 2001 he was elected a member of the Israeli Academy of Science.  Bauer has served as advisor to the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance, and Research, and as senior advisor to the Swedish Government on the International Forum on Genocide Prevention.  

List of Publications of Professor Bauer

  • Bauer, Yehuda, American Jewry and the Holocaust: The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, 1939-1945. Detroit: Wayne State University Press,1981
  • Bauer, Yehuda, Antisemitism today: Myth and reality. Jerusalem: Hebrew University. Institute of Contemporary Jewry,1985
  • Bauer, Yehuda, The Brichah. Jerusalem: [Yad Vashem],1990
  • Bauer, Yehuda ed., The danger of Antisemitism in Central and Eastern Europe in the wake of 1989-1990. Jerusalem: The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem: c1991
  • Bauer, Yehuda, Flight and rescue: Brichah. New York: Random House,c1970
  • Bauer, Yehuda, From diplomacy to Resistance: A history of Jewish Palestine 1939-1945. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of America,1970
  • Robinson, Jacob ed., Guide to unpublished materials of the Holocaust period. Jerusalem: Hebrew University. Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Yad Vashem,1970-1981
  • Bauer, Yehuda A history of the Holocaust. New York: Franklin Watts,c1982
  • Bauer, Yehuda ed., The Holocaust as historical experience: Essays and a discussion, New York: Holmes & Meier,c1981
  • Bauer, Yehuda, The Holocaust in historical perspective. Seattle: University of Washington Press,c1978
  • Bauer, Yehuda The Holocaust and the struggle of the Yishuv as factors in the establishment of the State of Israel. [Jerusalem]: [Yad Vashem 1976]
  • Bauer, Yehuda, The Impact of the Holocaust. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage,1996
  • Bauer, Yehuda. The initial organization of the Holocaust survivors in Bavaria, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1970
  • Bauer, Yehuda, The Jewish emergence from powerlessness. Toronto: University of Toronto Press,c1979
  • Bauer, Yehuda, Jewish foreign policy during the Holocaust. New York: 1984
  • Bauer, Yehuda, Jewish reactions to the Holocaust. Tel-Aviv: MOD Books, c1989
  • Bauer, Yehuda, Jewish survivors in DP camps and She'erith Hapletah, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1984
  • Bauer, Yehuda: Jews for sale?: Nazi-Jewish negotiations, 1933-1945. New Haven: Yale University Press,c1994 0034164
  • Bauer, Yehuda, The Judenraete: some conclusions. [Jerusalem]: [Yad Vashem, 1979]
  • Bauer, Yehuda, My brother's keeper: A history of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee 1929-1939. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, c1974
  • Bauer, Yehuda Out of the ashes: The impact of American Jews on post-Holocaust European Jewry. Oxford: Pergamon Press, c1989
  • Bauer, Yehuda ed., Present-day Antisemitism: Proceedings of the Eighth International Seminar of the Study Circle on World Jewry under the auspices of the President of Israel, Chaim Herzog, Jerusalem 29-31 December 1985. Jerusalem: The Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism, The Hebrew University,1988
  • Bauer, Yehuda ed., Remembering for the future: Working papers and addenda. Oxford: Pergamon Press,c1989
  • Bauer, Yehuda, Rescue operations through Vilna, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1973
  • Bauer, Yehuda, They chose life: Jewish resistance in the Holocaust. New York: The American Jewish Committee,c1973
  • Bauer, Yehuda, Trends in Holocaust research, Jerusalem: Yad Vashem,1977
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