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Greek Education Minister Pledges Support in Holocaust Awareness

Greek Teachers Attend Summer Seminar

Anna Diamantopoulou at the Yad Vashem Holocaust History MuseumAnna Diamantopoulou at the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum

During her visit to Yad Vashem in January, the then-Greek Minister of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs Anna Diamantopoulou (pictured) met with Dorit Novak, Director of the International School for Holocaust Studies, and other members of the School staff to discuss Holocaust education and remembrance in Greece. Ms. Diamantopoulou praised the commitment of Yad Vashem and the Jewish Museum of Greece (based in Athens) to further Holocaust education, expressing her hope that Holocaust-related programming would expand over the coming year in Greece as well as in other European countries.

The Minister pledged her government’s support to raise Holocaust awareness, especially in conjunction with Holocaust Remembrance Day that is annually observed in Greece on 27 January. The Jewish Museum of Greece, directed by Yad Vashem seminar graduate Zanet Battinou, helped recruit two dozen high-school teachers to attend a seminar for Greek educators at Yad Vashem in July 2012.

The educators took a keen interest in the varied program presented to them, including the most updated pedagogical tools for teaching about the Holocaust, and specialized lectures on the Jewish communities in Greece and their fateduring the Shoah.

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