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About Yad Vashem

Visit of Pope John Paul II at Yad Vashem

The Bible Given to Pope John Paul II

Carol Deutsch, a Jewish painter, was born in 1894 in Antwerp, Belgium. After the Nazi conquest of Belgium, the local Jewish population was included in the destruction of the Jewish people - the Shoah. Deutsch and his family hid in Brussels under an assumed name. During the years 1941-42, Deutsch painted a series of 99 illustrations of the Bible and a wooden box to hold them, as a birthday present for his two-year-old daughter, Ingrid. On September 3, 1943, Deutsch was arrested by the SS. His wife tried to rescue him by going to the police, but, as a result, she herself was arrested. On the night of September 3-4, Deutsch and his wife were shipped, in transport 22B to Auschwitz, and were murdered there on September 22. Ingrid and the Bible were saved by neighbors. Ingrid moved to the United States, where she died in 1982. She bequeathed the Bible illustrations and box to Yad Vashem.

Illustration from the Bible

Illustration from the Bible

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