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Yad Vashem
The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority
P.O.B. 3477
Jerusalem 9103401 Israel

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For searches relating to names and wartime experience of Shoah victims and survivors, please use this form.

For all other requests for information about the Holocaust and related topics, use this form.


*In order to provide accurate and efficient service, we ask that you send your query to only one email address. We will forward your query to another Yad Vashem department, if relevant. 

General Information
To order a guided tour
International Relations Division
International Institute for Holocaust Research
International School for Holocaust Studies
Righteous Among the Nations Department
Media Relations
Visual Center
Recording Holocaust Survivors' Testimonies


When dialing from overseas, please dial +972-2-the local phone number/fax.

Department Telephone Fax
Visitors' Center 972-2-6443802 972-2-6443803
Reference and Information Services 972-2-6443745 972-2-6443669
Public Inquiries 972-2-6443574 972-2-6443569
Israeli Society for Yad Vashem 972-2-6443417 972-2-6443419 
Hall of Names 972-2-6443580 972-2-6443579
International School for Holocaust Studies 972-2-6443622 972-2-6443623
Archives 972-2-6443720 972-2-6443719
Valley of the Communities 972-2-6443564 972-2-6443649
Commemoration & Public Relations 972-2-6443570 972-2-6443569
International Institute for Holocaust Research  972-2-6443271 972-2-6443479
Publications 972-2-6443768 972-2-6443509
Righteous Among the Nations 972-2-6443166 972-2-6443743
International Relations Division 972-2-6443420 972-2-6443429
Media Relations 972-2-6443410 972-2-6443409
Visual Center 972-2-6443739 972-2-6443589
Museums 972-2-6443600 972-2-6443599
Office of the Chairman 972-2-6443453/5 972-2-6443452
Office of the C.E.O 972-2-6443444 972-2-6443433


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