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About Yad Vashem


The Holocaust History Museum The Holocaust History Museum
Eternal Flame in the Hall of Remembrance Eternal Flame in the Hall of Remembrance

Yad Vashem is dedicated to commemorating the six million Jews murdered by the Germans and their collaborators, as well as the numerous Jewish communities destroyed during the Shoah, so that they will have an eternal remembrance.

The Museum complex, visited by thousands of people daily, provides information and creates an experiential encounter with Holocaust history. The displays – including personal artifacts, authentic photographs, original artwork and survivor video testimonies – emphasize the unique human stories of the Jewish population in Europe during those terrible years.

The Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names is an ongoing endeavor to recover and memorialize the names and life stories of all the individual Holocaust victims. To date some 3.1 million Jews are commemorated in the database, which was uploaded to the Internet in November 2004. Yad Vashem is currently engaged in an urgent 11th hour campaign to recover the missing names and biographical information from the generation that witnessed the events.

Creative and moving Monuments situated around the campus stand in tribute to the Jewish victims, communities, partisans, soldiers and ghetto fighters and their painful experiences during the Shoah.

Yad Vashem conducts commemorative Ceremonies throughout the year, including the official State Holocaust Remembrance Day Memorial Ceremonies, as well as services commemorating individual communities and significant events from the period.

Yad Vashem has the honor and privilege of being the only organization in the world that gives official recognition to those non-Jews who saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust. Since the 1960s the title of Righteous Among the Nations has been awarded to some 24,355 people from over 47 countries.

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