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Send us Documentation From the Holocaust Period


In addition to collecting materials, we would also like to document the personal narrative of every Holocaust survivor. If you have not yet submitted testimony to Yad Vashem or the Spielberg Foundation, we would appreciate it if you could contact the Testimonies Department of the Yad Vashem Archives.

Recording Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies
Recording survivor testimony is one of the most important components in safeguarding the memory of the Holocaust and transmitting it to future generations. In the past few years the phenomenon of Holocaust denial has increased and in contrast to it, the presentation of the taped testimony of a Holocaust survivor stands as proof of the actual existence of the Holocaust and its events. Taped testimony is very important to researchers as well as to future generations of young people from Israel and abroad, for through these testimonies one can become familiar with the various individual narratives that comprise the whole picture. For this reason, your individual story has national, scholarly and educational significance.

The testimony collection project has expanded greatly over the past few years and today the Yad Vashem Archives houses over 100,000 different testimonies collected by various organizations and individuals in different countries and continents in written, audio, and video formats. And still, there are many Holocaust survivors who have not yet testified about their experiences during the Holocaust. For the sake of future generations, we call upon you to help us in our task of collecting testimonies by bearing witness at the Oral History Section of Yad Vashem.

The interview will be held in your home at your convenience, in full coordination with you. A digital copy of the testimony will be provided to you at the end of the interview.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to cooperate.

Click here to download a copy of the Survivor Registration Form.

To contact the Oral History Section:
Tel.: 972-2-6443753
Fax: 972-2-6443431
The Oral History Section
Yad Vashem Archives
POB 3477
Jerusalem 9103401

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