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Survivor Registration Forms

Yad Vashem has collected some 40,000 Survivors Registration Forms since 1998. The goal of the forms is twofold: to provide historical documentation about Shoah survivors; and to provide a better understanding of the fate of the Jews during the Holocaust.

Survivor Registration Forms should be filled out for any Jew who lived under Nazi rule or occupation, or the rule of collaborating regimes during the war, who was in danger of death and was alive at the beginning of January 1946. Forms should also be submitted for Jewish refugees who barely managed to flee their homes before the Nazi invasion.

The form includes fields for biographical details before, during and after the war including: name, place, camps, ghettos, living under false identity, details of liberation, DP camps, as well as a brief personal description of the events of the Shoah as they impacted the survivor/refugee's life. Forms may be submitted for a survivor/refugee who is no longer alive.

Currently the names of Shoah Survivors are recorded on an internal database at Yad Vashem and therefore are not searchable on the Internet. Yad Vashem plans to upload these names to the Internet at some point in the future.

Please send forms to Yad Vashem, Hall of Names, P.O.B. 3477, Jerusalem 9103401, Israel, together with a copy of any post war identity document and, if available, a photo of the survivor.  

Click here to download Survivor Registration Forms in various languages.

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