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A Holocaust survivor giving testimony A Holocaust survivor giving testimony

Collection of survivors’ testimonies is one of the most important components in safeguarding the memory of the Holocaust and transmitting it to future generations. In the past few years the phenomenon of Holocaust denial has increased and in contrast to it, the presentation of the taped testimony of a Holocaust survivor stands as proof of the actual existence of the Holocaust and its events. Taped testimony is very important to researchers as well as to future generations of young people from Israel and abroad; for through these testimonies one can become familiar with the various individual narratives that comprise the whole picture. For this reason, each individual story has national, scholarly and educational significance.

Recording testimonies is an extremely complex task demanding an experienced professional staff of people with broad knowledge of the period as well as ability and expertise in conducting open and sensitive interviews. To this end, we have trained skilled professional staffs of interviewers and photographers throughout the country, and in recent years, we have arranged to go to the homes of the survivors at times convenient for them and tape their testimonies.

There are still many Holocaust survivors who have not yet testified about their experiences during the Holocaust. For the sake of future generations, we call upon you to bear witness at Yad Vashem.

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