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Popova Gorka

Sketch of the Popova Gorka murder site Sketch of the Popova Gorka murder site GARF 7021-87-12; copy YVA JM/20009

On September 22, 1941 (according to another source, September 28), the Jews from Maryina Gorka were sent from the town’s ghetto to Lenin Square. They were then brought by truck three kilometers from the town to Popova Gorka. The Jews of Pukhovichi were also brought to Popova Gorka, but on foot. Twenty members of the Gendarmerie Kommando and twenty members of the SiPO, all of them from Minsk and directed by SS-Brigadefuehrer Zenner, carried out the murder operation. The Germans shot more than 1,000 Jews in two pits.