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11th hour campaign

Telling Their Stories: A Race Against Time

The generation that witnessed the Holocaust is aging and its numbers are rapidly dwindling. We are well aware that in order to collect significant additional Holocaust survivor testimonies we are in a race against time.  And thus, in order to preserve the historical memory of the Holocaust, it is incumbent upon us to act quickly to record the personal accounts of those who have yet to tell their story. 

The Testimonies section began its work in 1946 even before Yad Vashem was established as a national institution.  Over the years the department has collected more than 100,000 video, audio and written testimonies of survivors.  In the first years, the testimony (given for the most part in languages other than Hebrew) was transcribed; at a later stage testimony was recorded on reel-to-reel machines, yet later audio recordings were made and today the testimonies are videotaped.

In response to the demand among Shoah survivors in Israel to record their personal stories, Yad Vashem promised the survivors to undertake an urgent 11th hour campaign to videotape their testimonies in their own homes.  Thus we will be able to honor the survivors and provide an opportunity for them to leave behind their first-hand stories.

Yad Vashem is seeking your support to record as many testimonies as possible over the next 3 years.  The cost per testimony is $585.  Your support will preserve for all eternity important personal accounts of the fate of the Jewish people during the Holocaust.  To support this project click here

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