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Yad Vashem Studies:

Nathan Cohen, The Last Days of the Vilna Ghetto: Pages from a Diary

Armin Nolzen, The Nazi Party and its Violence Against the Jews, 1933-1939: Violence as a Historiographical Concept

George Browder, No Middle Ground for the Eichmann Männer? Yaacov Lozowick, Hitler’s Bureaucrats: The Nazi Security Police and the Banality of Evil, Translated by Haim Watzman, London and New York: Continuum, 2002.xx + 297 pp.

Emmanuel Ringelblum’s Last Request, March 1, 1944
Introduction by Israel Gutman

Delegatura Report to the Polish Government-in-Exile, April 24, 1943

Seen from Jedwabne - Anna Bikont

The Foundation and Activities of the Hungarian Jewish Council - Judit Molnár

“Certificates” for Auschwitz - Yehoshua Büchler

Antisemitism in Tourist Facilities in Weimar Germany - Jacob Borut

Flight to Shanghai, 1938-1940: The Larger Setting - Avraham Altman and Irene Eber

The Death Marches of Hungarian Jews Through Austria in the Spring of 1945 - Eleonore Lappin

Portugal and the Nazi Gold - Antonio Louca and Ansgar Schaefer

The Convent Children - Nahum Bogner

Malice in Action - Yaacov Lozowick

The Holocaust at Nuremberg - Michael Marrus

The Beneficiaries of 'Aryanization': Hamburg as a Case Study - Frank Bajohr

The Universe of Death and Torment - Goetz Aly

Wehrmacht Propagnda Troops and the Jews - Daniel Uziel

The Jews of Pinsk, 1939-1943, Through the Prism of New Documentation - Tikva Fatal-Knaani

Plunder of Jewish Property in the Nazi-Occupied Areas of the Soviet Union - Yitzhak Arad

The Christian Churches of Hungary and the Holocaust - Randolph L. Barahm

How The Jewish Police in the Kovno Ghetto Saw Itself - Dov Levin

The Holocaust and the Christian World:

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Understanding the Vatican During the Nazi Period - Michael Marrus

Challenges for Theological Training - Isabel Wollaston

Christians in a World of Genocide - Franklin Littell

The Catholic Church in Poland and the Holocaust ,1939-1945 - Dariusz Libionka

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