September 2007


The season of personal introspection and collective consciousness of the Jewish High Holidays is an ideal time for stressing the importance of commemorating the names of Shoah victims.

Facts and Figures: January – July 2007

· 207,106 new names records were added to the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, including records from the Soviet Extraordinary Commission to Investigate Nazi Crimes and records concerning Hungarian Jewish victims. Many of these names may have one or more complementing records. Efforts to computerize thousands of names lists and millions of names records documented in Yad Vashem’s archival holdings continue.
· 35,000 Pages of Testimony were received, 66% of them in the Russian language. Since the launch of the outreach campaign to document victims from the Nazi occupied territories in the former USSR in May 2006, over 45,000 Pages of Testimony and some 25,000 names on victims' lists have been received.
· 43,000 names were received from Pages of Testimony, memorial books and plaques as a result of Names Recovery outreach efforts in the Torah world.
· 2,600 new photographs of Holocaust victims were received and will be added to the Names Database.
· An estimated 7,000,000 pages of archival documents were acquired which contain hundreds of thousands of names of victims of the Shoah (including survivors).

Yizkor Appeal
Consider incorporating an appeal for Names Recovery as a part of Yizkor services. Click here to view a sample Rabbi's message, which can be easily adapted to suit your own congregation.

New Volunteer Forum
Register to activate your membership for our new forum for global volunteers, which is a venue for networking, exchanging ideas, experiences and tips for successful names collection.We have made several updates to our Community Outreach Guide including our updated directory of participating groups/individuals and the original song "Take My Name", by Juliet Spitzer, recommended to enhance memorial events or ceremonies.
We are also designing an online photo gallery - please send us photographs from Names Recovery events in your area. To order a free CD or posters (available in English, Hebrew or Russian), please write to with the header "order materials".

New Initiative in Names Recovery: “Zichron Kedoshim”
We have expanded outreach efforts to the Torah World, culling names from memorials, religious artifacts, tombstones and religious books and various other objects on which dedications to Holocaust victims appeared. The pilot yielded thousands of names, many of which had not been previously recorded in the Names Database.

Focused Names Recovery
Yad Vashem is concentrating on recovering the names of Jews from areas where previously information has been missing. A large percentage of the Jewish victims who originated from the following communities (click here to view list) are NOT IN OUR DATABASE. If you have information on Jews from these areas or if you would like to assist in research kindly write to with the header "missing names" and state the communities you are interested in.

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With best wishes for a happy and peaceful new year.

Cynthia Wroclawski, Outreach Manager
The Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Project
Yad Vashem, POB 3477
Jerusalem, 91034 ISRAEL

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